Sequins Season! (LOOKBOOK)

SEQUINS, SEQUINS, SEQUINS! For those of us who loves sequins (but aren’t always brave enough to wear them out), DECEMBER lets us bust out the sequinned dresses and PARTY! I’ve worked together with mikivintage this year to bring you guys sequinned party looks below, and I hope you like them! Dresses I love mikivintage‘s stuff because there’s always something for everyone, whether you’dlike a subtle sparkle, or … Continue reading Sequins Season! (LOOKBOOK)

Day 1 – The Golden Circle Route in Iceland

The Golden Circle route, covering approximately 200km, is probably the most well-known routes to tourists visiting Iceland. It can be done as a day trip from Reykjavik, for those unable to participate in the Ring Road (which takes at least a week). The “official” Golden Circle route covers three main attractions; Þingvellir National Park, Geysir and Gulfoss. If you’re deciding between a tour(there are many available), or driving it yourself, I’d definitely recommend … Continue reading Day 1 – The Golden Circle Route in Iceland

Packing and prepping for Iceland

This past September, I was lucky to be able to embark on a two week trip to Iceland and I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you google “Iceland”, many people will tell you how it’s beautiful, stunning, etc. Everyone sings praises about Iceland, that I knew all too well. In the back of mind, however, I had my doubts initially. Was it possible for a country to live up … Continue reading Packing and prepping for Iceland


Hello everyone, Thanks for visiting my website 🙂 This marks a new beginning today. A new chapter of my life, I hope you’ll stay. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger. Currently, I’ve got my new jewelry business, moonandlantern, online here. My goals for this blog? To help others around the world with your style, fashion and travel needs. Whatever questions you may have, feel free … Continue reading Welcome to THELOLLYCHASE!