Santorini Dreaming – Altana Traditional Houses and Suites Luxury Villa Stay

If you’re heading to Santorini, you know you’ve got to splurge on a villa at some point, no doubt about it.

We chose Altana Traditional Houses and Suites due to its stellar ratings and location in Imergovoli. I’d say Imergovoli is somewhat similar to Oia in terms of appearances, but with less crowds since it’s better known as a residential area. You won’t much find much shopping here, which suited us just fine! In your search for the perfect villa in Santorini, there are three main areas you’d fine popping up constantly: Oia, Fira and Imergovoli. Having visited all 3 areas, I can’t stress Imergovoli enough.

Oia and Fira are beautiful too, but there’s another aspect to staying in the cliffside villas in Santorini you wouldn’t think about until you’re here to see it for yourself. Villa properties are stacked and layered on the cliffside. To put it simply, if you happen to book a villa that’s on the lower parts of the cliff, chances are every property above your villa will be treated to a full view of the balcony/outdoor pool etc of your villa. This “lack of privacy” is compounded in Oia and Fira, since these are immensely popular tourist attractions, and the main shopping & sightseeing streets are located at the top levels of the cliff. There are also public walkways almost everywhere around Oia and Fira, so privacy can be compromised at times.  In fact, when were strolling around Oia, we came across a local resident berating a photographer and a couple who had apparently stepped into her private property lines. She was yelling at them non-stop for 15 minutes, and it was scary. While the photographer stood his ground, the poor bride looked miserable after. It was pretty sad, paying thousands of dollars to fly into Santorini for a photoshoot, and getting screamed at by a local for trespassing.

While Imergovoli also gets its share of tourists (due to the Fira – Oia hike path that cuts through Imergovoli), it’s on a much, much lower and tolerable scale. We didn’t even notice or hear them much. Plus at Altana, they’ve constructed a little entryway in between the actual living space and the public walkways, so there’s added room for privacy.

We met one of the owners, Christos, during check-in, and he welcomed us with a huge smile. He is the epitome of “friendly”, seriously. You can’t help smiling while talking to him, and he encourages you to ask as many questions as you’d like, whether about off-the-beaten-path trails, food recommendations, etc. We ended up taking an hour to check-in because we just had so many questions and found it so easy to talk to him!

By the way, if you need help renting a car or making restaurant reservations, or really, anything else, just let them know and they’d handle it for you in a jiffy!

But before I go on further, I’ll let the pictures the talking for Altana (taken with the awesome Nikon D7500!):


Altana Reception



altana suites lobby view.jpg
Altana Reception – Outdoor “lobby”
altana suites white and blue views.jpg
Altana Reception views (Right)



altana suites imerovigli view.jpg
Altana Reception views (Left)


altana suites lobby views.jpg

altana suites bar
Altana’s very own bar
altana suites welcome drink vinsanto.jpg
Vinsanto wine – A locally brewed specialty wine and welcome drink at Altana
altana imerovigli photo spots poses.jpg
I love the angle of the shot you can get from the bar!
altana suites imerovigli entrance.jpg
Private Entryway
altana suites imerovigli front balcony.jpg
Outdoor Balcony

altana suites balcony.jpg

altana suites caldera view from the balcony.jpg

altana suites cave villa living room.jpg


altana suites cave villa imerovigli living room.jpg

altana suites cave villa main bedroom.jpgaltana suites bathroom.jpg

altana suites cave villa door.jpg
Connected door to the second bedroom

altana suites imerovigli cave villa second bedroom.jpg

altana suites imerovigli bathroom.jpg

altana suites imerovigli dip plunge pool.jpg
Private Outdoor Sheltered Dip Pool

altana suites imerovigli covered pool with a view.jpg

altana suites pool with a view.jpg

altana suites resident cat.jpg
Our daily visitor
View from inside – pretty nice angle for a shot, don’t you think?
altana suites dinner stargazing.jpg
Nightime Star-gazing
altana suites sunrise caldera view.jpg
altana suites twobakedbuns do not disturb hat.jpg
altana suites caldera view breakfast.jpg
Breakfast with Caldera views

The pictures are beautiful, the views out of this world, but believe it or not, seeing, and enjoying it for yourself is a hundred times better. Each of their property also undergoes renovation every one in 2-3 years, so they’re constantly in pristine condition. In-room breakfast is a must-try; we felt like kings!

We stayed in the Superior Cave Villa, hands-down the most luxurious villa we’ve ever been in! It has an interesting history too – it’s a restored wine cellar, and they’ve retained most of the original layout. It’s two interconnecting caves, with two private entrances, with one leading right out to the sheltered, temperature-controlled pool. I’ll admit, I initially wanted an outdoor, unsheltered pool, but decided to try this out, and was so glad I did. Why? Because the sun gets really warm in the afternoons here in Santorini, and the shelter provides sweet, sweet escape from the sweltering heat. Also, a sheltered pool means no one from above’s able to see you, so you’re granted full privacy. Last but not least, temperature controlled – so whether you’re going in the afternoons or evenings (when the sea breeze blows crazy cold) – it’s always the perfect temperature. We soaked in the pool every morning, afternoon and evening, and I was never self-conscious about people staring!

So in summary, fantastic owners/service, stunning location and views, luxurious in-room amenities, with an amazing restaurants a stone’s throw away. Where else but Altana?

And if you’re looking for nearby dinner options, be sure to check out Anogi (Christos will recommend it to you, and all the best dishes too!). It’s about a 5-minutes walk from reception, and they offer authentic, delicious Greek cuisine:

It’s so good, you’d probably want it the next day too.

Being here made me dream of the good life, and it’s made me resolve to work even harder to succeed so I could make Santorini, Altana Traditional Houses & Suites in particular, an annual getaway eventually!

PS. All photos featured are taken with the Nikon D7500!


32 thoughts on “Santorini Dreaming – Altana Traditional Houses and Suites Luxury Villa Stay

  1. I am blown away by this place! I’ve been wanting to go to Greece for some time now and am thinking about a trip there in the spring with my family. All of your tips are so helpful and I know I will be referring to this post again when I plan my travels. I need to check out this hotel because the views are killer and I love that they renovate every few years to keep it updated. Thanks for the review as I will literally be checking into this villa when I land in Greece! xoxo, Christine


  2. First of all, let me tell you that I loved your images! They are amazing and very well taken. I have never been in Greece but it is on my bucket list. After reading your post with all those great tips, I would love to visit this magical destination. This hotel looks simply wonderful, that villa is so dreamy. I will keep it in mind when I have the chance to go to that paradise!
    Enjoy your week!



  3. This is so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini. You were so lucky to stay in such a lovely place with the best view! Every looks so pristine. It truly seems like they not only have a lot of accommodations, but are willingly to help make your stay comfortable. I can’t wait for part 3!

    ~xo Sheree


  4. OH. MY. GOSH. Literally your photos are freaking amazing. It looks like such a beautiful place, I have always wanted to visit! I will definitely bookmark this to make sure I use all your tips for when I travel next. Your photos are absolutely stunning, I felt like I was there too!


  5. Sitting here in London (which I do have to say has quite high temperatures considering the time of the year) I do miss the Greek islands and am grateful you introduced us to a third spot in Santorini which I by your description would like even better than Oia as I don’t care so much for the touristy stuff and actually dislike shopping (and yes, I blog about fashion, haha). Such stunning views as usual, but I agree, you have to experience them for yourself!
    Thomas xx


  6. What an amazing vacation in one of my favorite places in the entire planet. This hotel looks magnificent and I love all the views in the pictures. You look truly amazing. I love Santorini so much, I went a few years ago and had so much fun and enjoyed all the scenery as much as you did I’m sure. xx. Gina


  7. This place is so beautiful that almost doesn’t seem real. So perfect, the colors are the classical but all around the water, they design of the place, everything here is screaming:come visit me, and soon 😉


  8. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    First, the Photos are Gorgeous, Santorini is on my bucket list 🙂 Loved the Food photos as well:)
    Definitely will save this for my Santorini Trip:)
    Happy Sunday
    Kisses Karina


  9. Let’s me start by saying you captured every detail of your stay magnificently. I went to Santorini on my honeymoon and was in love with it. Our 10 year anniversary will be in 2020 and we have told ourselves to go back to this gorgeous place we love so much. Thank you for sharing this hotel and to know they update it every few years I might be tempted to stay here. The cat visit was a regular during our stay too. It’s so cute!


  10. This place looks like a dream. Santorini is definitely on my bucket list of places to go to. The food and view looks phenomenal. And I agree. You definitely have to experience it. I’m sure it’s like nothing else. love that it’s renovated every 2-3 years. Thanks for sharing. I will make sure to check it out if I ever decide to go


  11. I was waiting on these gorgeous villa pics! I haven’t seen a single spot in Santorini that isn’t beautiful. The views from that Altana Reception are to die for! That dip pool looks relaxing too 🙂


  12. This place is nothing short of stunning! Santorini is definitely on my bucket list of places I want to go before having a baby so hopefully my husband and I can take a trip soon. I love how the accommodations are so unique unlike anything you can find anywhere else in the world. This cave villa is completely breath-taking and the food at the nearby restaurant looks droolworthy as well.


  13. Oh my god the Altana Traditional hotel is just STUNNING! I’ve already written this down thanks to your post as somewhere I definitely want to stay when I finally get the chance to visit Santorini. I can’t believe how beautiful it is, and that outdoor “lobby” just kills me!!


  14. This looks incredible! I can’t believe it’s absolutely so gorgeous. Altana is something I’ll have to put in my to go list. Haha I love how you even got a cute little kitty visiting you everyday.
    Honestly, this looks like paradise! Live like a queen and you even got a nice restaurant just walks away? What more could you ask for right?
    Hope you had an amazing stay !!



  15. Santorini, that sounds marvelous. Where ever you choose to stay I completely trust and Altana Traditional Houses and Suites in Imergovoli sounds phenomenal. It’s also good to know your recommendation to stay in Imergovoli. I’d much rather stay in place more quite with more privacy. That poor bride btw! 😦 Christos sounds kind and just like the type of person you want to encounter while visiting. I always love to have as many things handled as I can while traveling. The less I have to seriously think about the better. The Superior Cave Villa is so luxurious and beautiful! I’ve so loved following along on these post on IG and am so thrilled you wrote about this in detail for us!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Manda |


  16. OMG – what an amazing trip! The Atlanta Traditional Houses and Suites looks amazing. Great choice!! I can’t believe how perfect that view is!! What I love is the size of your accommodation. Great tip with the sheltered pool suggestion.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love reading about your stay.

    J. x


  17. It has always been my dream to travel to Santorini one day! Every photo I see taken there is so gorgeous. In order to get the full experience, I would definitely invest in a villa. I can’t believe that photographer and the bride got yelled at for taking photos! People are so rude for no reason.


  18. Oh my oh my my darling…. as I have already said in your previous posts about Santorini…. I feel that this is a place of heaven on earth. That blue water and that bright sky are simply unreal. And the white of the houses just makes everything perfect…. cannot wait to visit that magical place


  19. Every space at the Altana Traditional Houses and Suites looks simply like a dream cone true, I can’t wait for next summer to come and visit too… I’m so happy you had such a pleasant stay dear xx

    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful and inspiring photos!


  20. Santorini is on my wishlist for a while! I think it’s one of the most photogenic places ever. I loved your suggestions and I saved them. Btw, I loveeeed these photos so much!


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