Santorini Dreaming (Part 2/3) – A day in Oia

We spent a full day in Oia, taking it all in, blessed with lovely weather. If you’re visiting Santorini in the summer months right up to Mid-September, please remember bring along, sunscreen, hat and sunnies, you’ll need them for sure as it gets hot hot hot!

*All photos featured are taken with the Nikon D7500!

oia caldera views santorini.jpg

oia santorini sightseeing shopping.jpg

oia hiing trail in santorini caldera.jpg

oia santorinin blue church.jpg

oia santorinin white bells.jpg

oia santorini sequin personalized floppy hat.jpg
Santorini views with a floppy Santorini hat

oia santorini sequin customised floppy hat.jpg

oia santorini sequin floppy hat customised summer hat.jpg
Santorini Hat by TwoBakedBuns – I received so many compliments!
oia santorini sightseeing walking tour.jpg
Super comfy espadrilles by Cote and Badt


oia santorini painter artist.jpg
Santorini Artist

oia sightseeing stroll in santorini.jpg


oia sightseeing housewares pottery shop.jpg
Gorgeous display
oia sightseeing shops.jpg
I can relate!
oia santorini expat bookstore.jpg
Would you like a cat and some books?




Picture perfect!


Wedding prep – lots of wedding shoots taking place all over Oia too

Between walking the along the shopping streets and weaving out of them into the cliffsides to admire the view incredible views, time in Oia passed quickly. Good thing too that we got this top attraction out of the way, because for the next few days, we’re booked into a luxurious villa over at Imerovigli, and we’re not planning on leaving!

19 thoughts on “Santorini Dreaming (Part 2/3) – A day in Oia

  1. I love hearing about your Santorini adventures! It seems like you are having an amazing vacation. The outfits that you are wearing pair so nicely with the architecture style. I love that you included a wide variety of pictures, because they definitely have me Santorini dreaming!

    ~xo Sheree


  2. Oh dear, I dreaded this post as much as I anticipated it. Santorini is just as beautiful as I imagined it to be, or to be more precise, Oia is. I’ve made up my mind. I’ll go back here for vacation for sure! 🙂
    Thomas xx


  3. I mean: this is Paradise. You got the beautiful blue and white typical colors plus the multi vibration colors that are typical of Greece. Such an amazing place


  4. Oh wow, just when I thought your last blog post was amazing – this one was even more so! Those markets and the shopping look GORGEOUS! And I love your hat with the script lettering – your style is impeccable. Just love this, please post more travel blogs hehe


  5. I cannot get over the colour of that water, it is just simply stunning – especially against all those beautiful white buildings. It really does look like you have had an amazing time exploring the area.


  6. I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere in Santorini that isn’t beautiful! I could literally spend the rest of my life there and never be bored of the same views. It’s really the perfect place for a wedding!


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