FlyScoot Review 2017: Singapore – Athens Review for Scoot Airlines #ScootBiz and #ScootInSilence

Was anyone else excited wen they heard Scoot Airlines – (a low-cost carrier, no less) – was flying direct from Singapore to Athens – with NO stops in-between?! I know I was! Even full-fledged airlines have a stopover, and cost twice as much. It’s a fairly new route, with its inaugural flight departing in late June. Reviews have been scarce, but I’m here to give you the lowdown. Now, let me be blunt for a minute. At such a low price-point for tickets, they’ve got plenty of business for their economy seats (seats can go as low as $200+ for a SG-Athens flight), so today, I’m here to talk about their premium options – ScootBiz and Scoot in Silence (aka “Premium Economy”). Are they worth the additional $ upgrade? You’ll find out soon enough!

Like anyone who’s taking a budget long-haul flight for the first time naturally would, I had my doubts in the beginning. Would it work? I usually have trouble sleeping, and Scoot has no visible TV screen on the seat in front of you(though you may get ScooTV for that to watch on your device), and low-cost carriers don’t exactly have the highest points when it comes to comfort. But hey, Scoot’s part of Singapore Airlines and they were going to use 787 Dreamliners! I knew I HAD to give it a try.

I took two types of flights: First, business class to Scoot from Singapore to Athens, and secondly, Athens to Singapore on Scoot’s version of “premium economy” seating; #ScootInSilence. Were they worth the upgrade? Read on to find out!

#ScootBiz Singapore to Athens

With ScootBiz, you get:

  • Full leather seats with double the legroom (At least 38” (96cm) of legroom, 22” (56cm) of width, 6” (15cm) of recline and fully adjustable headrests and legrests.)
  • 15kg carry-on + 30kg check-in
  • Welcome drink and meals
  • In-seat power for charging
  • Arrive first + Board me first
  • ScooTV services on your devices (phones/tablets/laptops)
  • Exclusive restroom restricted to Business Class passengers (yay, no long queues!)

Firstly, I have to commend the excellent timing of the departure flights from Singapore. It’s a red-eye flight, departing at 2.45am and arriving at 8.45am Greece local time. Perfect timing to sleep during the flight, and arrive in the morning, ready for the day (with help from coffee of course, because no matter how much sleep you get on a flight, you’ll still be tired because of all the pressure/time changes etc.)

Impressions upon embarking the plane:

Cozy, private business cabin, separated from the rest of the flight. Comfortable seats, wide spaces, love the legres! Reclined, it pretty much feels like a comfortable massage chair dads love to sleep in. Cabin crew was cheery and greeted us all with a smile on their faces.

ScootBiz Scoot Business Class Leather Seats.jpg



Scoot SG to ATH Athens Business Flight ScootBiz Leather Seats.jpg

ScootBiz Leater Seats.jpg




ScootBiz Leg Space Scoot Busness Class.jpg

Water Cups aboard ScootBiz Business Class
Glad there’s water available immediately upon boarding because that’s usually my first request!

As you can tell, we had lots of space on these leather seats!


Our food selections (We had a snack after take-off, and a proper meal 2 hours before landing):

Scoot Singapore SG to Athens ATH Snack On Board
Snack time comes with a wrap, cashew nuts, a cookie and apple juice!
Scoot Singapore SG to Athens ATH Snack Wrap On Board
Copious amounts of filling, just the way I like it!
Scoot Singapore SG to Athens ATH Chicken Rice Meal On Board
Western-style Chicken Rice
Scoot Singapore SG to Athens ATH Beef Pasta Meal On Board.jpg
Beef Stew Pasta

I quite liked them both, especially the wrap stacked to the brim with hearty ingredients. The meal was pretty good too, especially my Beef Stew Pasta. I’m not usually fussy when it comes to airplane food, so this satisfied me. Plus, I could eat cheese and crackers all day! They did the job, and I didn’t need snacks throughout the 11-hours flight, though you can purchase them if needed. Pretty addicted to the cashew nuts now by the way – it’s sooooo good!

Facilities on-board Business Class:


ScootBiz Business Class Power Charger Powerpoints.jpg

ScootBiz Singapore to Athens Scoot Business Class
How cute is the little boy by the way? 😀

Out of the flight time of 11 hours, I think I spent a good 7-8 hours of it sleeping, so much so I didn’t even have time for ScooTV. The rest of the time was spent eating, chitchatting with my boyfriend, and of course – using their Wi-Fi to text and get on IG. Yup, they’ve got Wi-Fi on board! It comes with a small fee, but it was easy to connect and suited my texting/IG needs perfectly.

To be completely honest, I was very much surprised at how much I enjoyed the flight. 11 hours flew by (pardon the pun) remarkably fast! It’s Business Class, so there’s obviously certain expectations, yet at the same time, it’s known to be a budget airline, so I didn’t want to get too excited. Add in the fact that I’m a light sleeper and it gets more complicated, but nope, it was a great flight with almost zero turbulence (thank you pilots!) and I woke up ready to start my adventure (aka catch my next flight to Santorini heh).

ScootBiz Verdict: 10/10 would do it again. By the way, it was a full flight both on Economy and Business (how often do you see business class being full?!)

Ps: We loved the crew on our flight too – all smiles, always! And I’ve always admired how they stay so fresh after a long flight!

Scoot Air Stewardess.jpg

Flyscoot Air Stewardesses.jpg
The friendliest crew!


— Now on to part 2, the flight home to Singapore!

#ScootInSilence: Athens to Singapore

With Scoot In Silence, you get:

  • An exclusive and silent cabin (no kids under 12 allowed)
  • Each seat comes with an adjustable headrest and some seats are Super/Stretch seats as well (more space!)
  • Arrive first – these seats are near the front of the cabin, so you get to disembark first.

On our return flight, we had the Scoot in Silence + Stretch seats, right in front. Leg space was great – I missed the legrest a little I’ll admit, but no big deal because we had ample space to stretch out our feet. Service was quick too. Whenever anyone pressed the attendant call button, an attendant came within 2 minutes. That’s quite a record. I’ve been on flights where attendants take a minimum of 15 minutes to answer a call(I’m sure we all have!), so this was refreshing.

ScootInSilence Seats:

ScootinSilence Scoot Super Stretch Seats Athens to Singapore
Comfortable (and almost full!)
ScootinSilence Stretch Seats Leg Space Scoot Athens to Singapore
All the leg space one can ask for 🙂

Food Options (We had lunch, followed by a snack 2 hours before arrival):

Scoot Athens to Singapore Meal on Board - Chicken Orza Pasta and Feta Cheese Salad
Chicken Orzo
Scoot Athens to Singapore Meal on Board - Classic Greek Beef Moussaka and Feta Cheese Salad
Classic Beef and Vegetables Moussaka
Scoot Athens to Singapore Snack on Board - a Chicken Ham Baguette Sandwich
Baguette Sandwich – a filling snack

We had our last taste of Greece on our flight back with their catered meals from Greece – Moussaka, Chicken Orzo (kind of like rice, but in pasta form), and salad with Feta! I cannot never get enough of Feta cheese! All yums – and just look at the size that sandwich!

Entertainment Options:


scoot wifi and scootv
Scoot WIFI and ScooTV access codes
ScooTV Scoot Streaming Services
Scoot Athens to Singapore Meal on Board – Chicken Orza Pasta and Feta Cheese Salad

ScooTV Movie and TV streaming servicing on fly scoot

This time, since it was a morning flight, I had time to check out the ScooTV($11USD/$15SGD) selections since I was forcing myself not to sleep till the later hours so I wouldn’t get jet-lagged. They’ve got loads of selections to choose from, and I never got bored. Make sure you download the apps on your Iphone/Ipad or Android phone/tablet on Google Play before you get on-board so you’ll be able to start watching immediately once on the plane!

For an additional small fee, you’ll get access to power to charge your device as much as you’d like so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice! It’s a great deal I would say.

ScootInSilence Verdict: Truthfully speaking, these are not as comfortable as business class seats(duh!), but compared to Economy, they’re still a luxury. Take my word for it – every inch of extra space goes a long way, especially on a long-haul flight when you’re expected to stay in a seated position 90% of the time!


I would travel with the upgrades again, because it’s just SO worth it. There’s just something about planes and their ability to make or break a trip. Comfort on a flight is key – trust me, I’ve learnt that the hard way. That’s why so many people are willing to spend thousands on business class and even first class flights. Even if you can’t afford a more expensive ticket class – you’d still be willing to spend a little more on a better-timed flight, wouldn’t you?  A good flight can start you off on your next adventure with a spring in your step, while a lousy one makes you feel bad – whether it’s because you’re annoyed right at the start, or worse, suffering from jet-lag. It subconsciously alters your trip one way or another.

That said, if you’d rather not wish to splurge on business class, the premium economy class is still a great option – you can’t put a price on being away from screaming and toddlers during a flight when all you want is sleep.

I haven’t tried the regular economy seats, so I can’t attest to them, but they’re pretty much similar to full-fledged flights, the only exception being that you would have to purchase entertainment + food options, which are reasonably-priced and still be way cheaper than a full-fledged flight.

If the price of a premium upgrade was equal to a regular seat on a full-fledged airline ,would I still pick Scoot? The answer is a resounding YES. Why?

Great timing, exclusivity, additional legroom(size does matter!) and the huge bonus: it’s the only airline from Singapore that flies direct to Athens, saving you from hours of transit time, stopovers, having to embark and disembark etc.

As they say, time is money, and with Scoot, you get more bang for your buck!

Ps. ScootBiz was fully booked for the flight back as well, that’s how affordable it is! The “premium economy” seats were also over 90% booked both times. Just sayin’.


19 thoughts on “FlyScoot Review 2017: Singapore – Athens Review for Scoot Airlines #ScootBiz and #ScootInSilence

  1. Wow! This makes me want to plan a trip ASAP and travel in exactly this way. I have never seen such luxurious amenities for such amazing prices. I can’t stop looking at all of different food items and especially the wraps! Wow! Also I think it’s awesome that you were able to have wifi!


  2. First of all – amazing deals and congrats on the collaboration! Secondly – how much leg room does the aircraft provide? So impressed by looking at the photos. The food looks amazing as well and I’m so glad you got the opportunity to experience this!


  3. Reading this just makes me want to book a flight and go somewhere right now! Such a lovely post, thanks for sharing and the seats looks so comfortable too! Everything for good leg space room!


  4. Usually food in the airplane is terrible, that looks actually very good! What is their secret? I want to travel now, I loved this blog post


  5. Looks like such a fun in flight experience .i feel like there’s nothing compared to enough leg room in a flight especially for a budget flyer!!!and the food looks totally yummy I must say!!!welldone ..such a detailed post


  6. I enjoyed reading your experience! I’ve never travelled long distances with a low cost airline, but I’d say Scoot definitely nailed it. Of course the upgrades you got made your experience even more comfortable, but I think their economy class might be a good solution to travel on a budget! Love, Valeria


  7. Truly interesting. Now I’ve got to google if Scoot also have other long hauls than just Singapore to Athens (and damn I regret not spending a day or two in Santorini when I was in Mykonos recently!!) as it sounds priceworthy and actually somewhat comfortable. I’m not keen on doing budget airlines, but being owned by Singapore Airlines it certainly cannot be a catastrophe and that brings me to my next thing I’ll google: that is, if I get frequent flyer miles to my Star Alliance membership card with Scoot, haha. 🙂
    Thanks for the review!
    Thomas xx


  8. Okay wow I can’t believe how cheap Scoot is because it seriously looks so much better than a lot of Canadian airlines! The food is definitely WAY better I can tell you that. And I absolutely love the Scoot in silence concept.. too many times my flight has been disturbed by screaming kids. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing this airline 🙂


  9. Hello dear. Wow! Scoot looks and sounds amazing. I mean I’m all about comfort but that food looks so good. Omg, that’s airline food? I’m literally so hungry right now! And the Scoot in silence sounds so relaxing. Love that! Thank you for sharing with us!
    xoxo, Dom


  10. It’s so nice that you had such a good experience flying both ways! I’m so surprised at how good Scoot is for such a low price. Also, direct flights are amazing. That airplane food looks gourmet and it’s actually making me so hungry. I’ve never flown Scoot, but now I know that I definitely need to check it out.

    ~xo Sheree


  11. OMG, you have totally blown my mind, I had no idea there was such a thing as a Silent Cabin. The amount of times I have done long haul and there always seem to be some kind of disturbance, I never knew the whole time I could by flying peacefully!


  12. I certainly wouldn’t mind booking a flight with Scoot! It is very rare that you find an airline that covers a carry on and checked bag for free. I wouldn’t mind trying one of those yummy looking wraps either!


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