The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Review – September 2017

Hey guys! This week, it’ll be a Singapore-centric post once again as I’ll be talking about my staycation experience at The Warehouse Hotel! With its high-ceilings, loft offerings, and central location, I’ve had my sights on the hotel since it opened late last year.

While this hotel’s pretty young, the property that houses it has been in existence since 1895! Singapore was founded in 1819, so this is probably one of oldest buildings in Singapore right now. With a long history comes many stories, and indeed, this warehouse has gone through many changes within its walls –  starting out as a warehouse for the spice trade, then as a gambling/drug den; the “vices era”, if you will, followed by an underground disco, before it was left dormant for several years till the Lo and Behold Group stepped in and created this modern day, contemporary industrial marvel we know as The Warehouse Hotel presently.  If the walls could talk…

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Main Lobby ViewThe Warehouse Hotel Singapore Main Reception Lobby Loft Ceiling

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Main Lobby Reception Building

Entering the hotel, you’ll be wowed by its high ceilings and abundance of space. It also features a lobby lounge, with sin-centric cocktails. This reminded me of Modern Family actually – you know, Phil and Claire’s yearly valentine routine? This would be the perfect hotel to indulge in some Modern Family-esque roleplaying (Clive Bixby and Julianna, anyone?)

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Cocktail Bar Welcome Drinks.jpg

Besides the unique warehouse design and structures, what further sets this hotel apart from many of its contemporaries in my opinion, is its conscious efforts to integrate local Singaporean culture in as many aspects as possible. There are quite a number of local collaborations, including sheet designs by Matter, tea by A.muse Projects and tea cups/plates by Mud Rock Ceramics.

Also, instead of the usual tourist souvenirs offered in high-end hotels, The Warehouse Hotel differentiates itself in yet another innovative way!  Together with a local gallery, Supermama, they create inspired relics from the past, taking inspiration from tools used in the “vices era”. Interesting conversation pieces and keepsakes, whether for utility or display purposes, don’t you think? I actually thought it was a mini-museum at first!

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore - Objects of Vices Souvenirs.jpg
Objects of Vices – available for sale in the main reception area

Ps. they have lounge area as well that overlooks the Singapore River. Unfortunately, during our time there it was undergoing maintenance so we weren’t able to explore – but that’s something you’ll be able to look forward to – drinking cocktails and having intimate meetings with a river view.

The Rooms

One of the wonderful perks of staying in The Warehouse Hotel has to be the fact that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the different layout each room offers. Why? To maintain integrity of the structure, each room is carved out differently, following the ability of the layout to accommodate, so it’s like a new experience every single time!

We stayed in a Warehouse Loft room with bathtub (always essential on a staycation for me):

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Loft Room with BathtubThe Warehouse Hotel SG Warehouse Loft RoomThe Warehouse Hotel Singapore Warehouse Loft Room ViewThe Warehouse Hotel Singapore BathtubThe Warehouse Hotel Loft Room Bathtub and Toilet

Entering the room, I was struck by the earthy, cozy, sophisticated vibes. Its grey walls and warm lighting gave it an overall intimate feel, and I just wanted to spend the whole time in the bed, binging on TV and take-out. It definitely sets the mood. The loft ceilings are sure to be appreciated by those who’ve grown up in HDBs/apartments all their life.

Room Amenities

There’s also a “rack of vices” – food, sex toys and lotions/skincare. Yup, sex toys, or “playthings” for adults. I wasn’t expecting that, and it made me laugh out loud, and again, I realized its connection – the warehouse used to be a hotbed of underground activities, and this perfectly plays on its history. This was the moment I knew The Warehouse hotel wasn’t exactly the most kid-friendly place (I guess the cocktail bar at the lounge should have hinted me enough!).

The Pool

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Outdoor Swimming Pool.jpg

The pool is a lovely space that’s formed as an extension of the hotel – not part of the original property, and overlooks the city and river, a tranquil setting against the hubbub of the city. Be warend though –  it can get blistering hot between 12-4pm when the sun’s rays are at its strongest, so I’d recommend visiting the pool after 4pm, just before dinner.

Food Options

Food options are aplenty here – there’s their flagship restaurant, Po, offering a selection of Singapore-inspired dishes; both classic and with a twist. Looking for something different? Robertson Quay’s right at your doorstep, with over 30 different restaurants and cafes – you’ll be spoilt for choice! As usual, we just wanted to stay in our room and fully enjoy the vacation, so we opted to do a food delivery. We were not disappointed! I’d highly recommend Once Upon a Thyme (pastas) and Wine Connection (their meat and cheese platter- oh emm gee!) if you’re looking for take-out!

We had breakfast the next day over at Po, and it was the best breakfast we’d had at a hotel’s restaurant here in Singapore! I’d highly encourage you to go for it- or if you’re not a breakfast person, just eat at Po, at least once. I had Po’s Signature Bak Kut Teh while P had the Hearty English Breakfast.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore - Po Restaurant Breakfast Menu

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Breakfast Po Signature Bak Kut Teh with You Tiao and Rice
Po’s Signature Bak Kut Teh

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Po Signature Bak Kut Teh.jpg

I never thought of Bak Kut Teh as a premium/gourmet food type of experience, and boy was I impressed by Po. Premium US pork ribs, with tender, fall-off-the bones consistency. The soup was pretty thick with just the right amount of herbal and pepper kick, just the way I like it! The full bowl of you tiaos made me very happy! I’ll admit I’m sometimes the kind of person who would go “ehh, how much better can a traditional hawker dish be at a restaurant at 2-3 times the price?” But after trying this Bak Kut Teh, I’m a changed person thanks to Po. and I’m already planning to head back soon to try their famous Popiah! By the way, by itself, the restaurant is already well-known, judging by Po’s Tripadvisor reviews. 

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Po Hearty English Breakfast.jpg
Hearty English Breakfast

The perfect english breakfast. My only regret? Not asking for more bacon! Singapore’s bacon usually isn’t great – soggy and limp. But here at Po, it was thin and oh-so-crisp, fried to perfection! I wish they’d break their bacon strips into little chip-sized pieces, package them in a bag, and sell them. I would TOTALLY buy them!

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Fruit and Cheese Breakfast Buffet SpreadThe Warehouse Hotel Singapore Breakfast Buffet Fruits

Their buffet breakfast spread serves some of the most generous varieties of fruits I’ve seen at a local buffet. I’ve never seen cherries, plums and peaches. I couldn’t get enough of the dried, preserved fruit bits as well!

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate goodness

My impression of a hotel immediately goes up 1000 points when they’re happy to serve hot chocolate instead of coffee/tea even when that’s not written in the options!

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Mud Rock Ceramics Cups
Mud Rock Ceramics Cups 


I am so in love with Mud Rock Ceramics, and I’m definitely looking to add them to my home collection!


If you’re looking for a different boutique experience, The Warehouse Hotel‘s definitely worth checking out. It has all the ideal setups for a couples staycation – a room you wouldn’t want to leave,  a total of 37 rooms so it never feels crowded, a convenient cocktail bar at the lobby, and delicious food options be it inside or just a stone’s throw away! Plus, as a little bonus – you’ll be supporting local, and learn a little about the rich history all at the same time. After all, how often can you tell people you’ve stayed in a hotel that once was a hotbed of illicit activities – gambling, drugs, you name it! Definitely looking forward to my next stay 🙂



18 thoughts on “The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Review – September 2017

  1. Hello dear, Wow! This hotel looks amazing. Talk about a beautiful place to stay. Each shot brings out every detail in the stunning design. The food looks so delicious too. If i’m ever in Singapore I would to stop by and haver the experience you did!
    Thank you for sharing.
    xoxo, Dom


  2. It’s been a while since I last visited Singapore. And omg, this hotel you stayed is so beautiful. I totally love the vintage/modern vibe in this. I love both their exterior and interior. I am also drooling look at the food photos 😛 Will definitely stay here next time I visit Singapore again. Thank you for sharing dear. 🙂


  3. This hotel design is awesome, the food you shared seems so delicious, everything makes me willing to go and visit 🌟Amazing report


  4. Wow my friend… just wow. I was looking at these perfect pictures and had to take a minute till realising this is a hotel. It is simply stunning… so chic and elegant and modern. Amazing… honestly


  5. If I ever manage to visit Singapore, I definitely know where to stay! This place is magnificent in every possible sense! The unique architecture and decor of the hall, the comfortable and luscious rooms, I’m totally charmed! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY


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