Staycation Singapore – A Review of Club Lounge Rooms at Oasia Downtown Hotel

It’s been a busy couple of months! I’ve been setting up a new hobby-turned-venture, which I’ll talk about a little more in future! So a weekend away was what I desperately needed to unwind. We packed our bags and headed to Oasia Hotel Downtown, a fairly new hotel that opened last year.

Located at Tanjong Pagar, in the heart of the Central Business District, it’s popular with business travellers, and stands out as a building of red and green amongst grey giants. Their motto; “Refresh, Refuel & Recharge” is a well thought out concept – offering a breath of fresh air all around and a sight for sore eyes.

In front of Oasia Downtown Hotel building; wearing twobakedbuns hat


We had lunch in the area before checking in, and for Japanese food lovers, Oasia Downtown’s location is perfect. It’s a minute’s walk from a stretch of affordable and famous Japanese restaurants with delicious food.

Ramen Keisuke – One of the most famous ramen places in Singapore, serving savoury ramen noodles in pork broth. Free flow boiled eggs and bean sprouts. Queue-ing is pretty much inevitable for this joint.

Teppei – Great regular sets and Omakase dinners. For Omakase dinners, reservations are required about a month in advance. Check out their facebook for more details.

Ryo Sushi – Another omakase/sushi bar that’s pretty popular with the locals. Chirashi dons at $18 and Omakase sets starting from $38 – prices are hard to beat, and more importantly, seafood quality’s great! Reservations required at least a week in advance.

Kajiken – Mazesoba, Ramen noodles served dry. If you have a huge appetite, upsize your noodles to 1.5x for free! And if you’ve got soup left over from your meal, request for a spoonful of rice to finish it off with – yum!

Two Blur Guys – not a fan of sushi? Check out this burger joint instead!

Be prepared for queues during lunch and dinner hours!


The reception area for Oasia is on level 12 and level 21 for regular and club room guests respectively. Again, they’re different from most other places. Their reception areas are all natural, well ventilated areas – during the design process, they came up with a concept that allowed for a natural wind funnel throughout the day, ensuring it never gets too hot. It helps that the hotel’s located near the seas as well! Both reception areas feature tables, chairs, pavilions and meeting spaces for you to enjoy the cool breeze anywhere you’d like. Fancy working outside? They’ve got wifi all over the hotel, so you’re definitely covered!






If you’re looking for a nouveau staycation experience, the club rooms are the way to go! There’s a whole bunch of benefits, including:

  • Complimentary breakfast between 7am to 10.30am
  • Complimentary evening cocktails and canapés in the evenings between 6 to 8pm
  • Complimentary club lounge access with access to drinks and appetisers between 7am to 10pm
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine with Tripod Coffee capsules and TWG Tea
  • Complimentary pillow mist
  • Premium Biology bath amenities
  • Bath tub in all club rooms
  • Exclusive use of the club floor and its infinity pool on level 21
  • Gym access on the 12th floor

I’ll admit, once we checked in, I headed straight to the club lounge to check out the food. There were cheeses, crackers, pastries, but one of my favourites – mini cupcakes! Drnks-wise, coffee, tea, sodas and most importantly – HOT CHOCOLATE! I’m not much of a coffee/tea person, I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and 9 times out of ten, always been disappointed when hotels tell you that hot chocolate’s not available for selection, so when I saw “Hot Chocolate” on the blackboard, I could hear the angels sing.

Mini cupcakes by The Marmalade Pantry served all day!

Cocktail hour:DSC_0514.jpg




Watching sunset with cocktails and canapés in hand – absolute bliss.




Breakfast with avocado spread? Yes please!

Club room:

The club rooms here are identical in size, and all feature a bath tub, because seriously, what’s a staycation without a bathtub? They’ve even got sliding doors and a sound control system in the bathroom if you’d like to watch TV – SO important! It’s all the little things they think about that impresses me – I’ve been on staycations where the bathrooms have no volume control and it’s kind of like watching a silent movie, or if you turn it loud enough, you’ll be able to hear it, but if someone’s watching it on the bed, they’re gonna go deaf. With this sound control, you control the volume (even when you’re on the toilet), and can turn it off if you just want peace and quiet.

In-room refrigerators are stocked with still & sparkling water, and coconut juice with free refills throughout your stay – it’s all about the healthy living!

DSC_0802 2.jpg
Loved the warm wood decor, making for a cosy, refreshing and relaxing stay

DSC_0885 2.jpg

DSC_0875 2.jpg
Useful for tourists and business travellers – a free phone to take on your days out

DSC_0817 2.jpg


Complimentary yoga mat – for yogis on the go

DSC_0849 2.jpg

DSC_0853 2.jpg
Refrigerator stocked with water and coconut juice – with free refills whenever
Pillow mist


The Infinity Pool

I was obsessed with the pool, enough said. Just look at it! And with exclusive access for club guests,  it’s blissfully quiet and we stayed here for hours, just lying there, talking, snacking and turning off all mobile distractions!

PS. Bring along snacks and drinks to the pool area – it’s totally okay with them! This is a refreshing take from club lounges that usually discourage you bringing any food/drinks out of the club lounge, am I right?!


Wearing twobakedbuns / IG: @twobakedbuns watermelon hat


Last but not least, service. They have an amazing staff that work hard, and always with a smile. Reception staff are all trained baristas so anyone can get you your coffee fix at anytime – again, it’s the little things! Saw a snack earlier in the day that’s no longer available? They’ll work on getting it to you. They’ve got walking guides for those wanting exploration ideas nearby, and will happily recommend nearby restaurants. If you’re a The Marmalade Pantry fan like I am, you’re in luck! There’s one on the ground floor, along with their in-house bar – Cin Cin Bar.

Oh, and before I forget – their club room packages are geared towards adults, which explains the identical room sizes,, perfect for up to 2 people, and why they’re able to serve alcohol during cocktail hours. Perfect if you’re looking for a kid-free holiday!

We had a fantastic time unwinding in Oasia, and it’s definitely on our must-revisit list next time we’re looking to indulge in another staycation! What do you think? Would you put this hotel on your to-do list?














20 thoughts on “Staycation Singapore – A Review of Club Lounge Rooms at Oasia Downtown Hotel

    1. Thank you Kamen 🙂 Yes the hotel is amazing isn’t it? I can’t help but smile and wish I was back there when I look at the pictures!! BTW, the hat is from if you’re interested 🙂


  1. WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOTEL! YESS I would put this hotel on my to do list. I love your watermelon hat. Thanks for a great review xo


  2. Ever since I saw the first pictures coming up on your Instagram I was curious about this place and now I finally got to read the review. To sum it up, it’s really in the little things you mention. The hotel has an amazing decor and both the exterior and interior is splendid, but looks aren’t everything and when you visit a hotel that “little extra something” makes all the difference in the world really. Such as that yoga mat. I’ve stayed in too many hotels to even remember, but I’ve never seen that before. When, not if, I go to Singapore I’ll definitely book a club room at Oasia Downtown Hotel as it looks like my kind of place!
    Thomas xx


  3. Saw this first pic on your Insta and I knew I needed to check out this post!!
    My bf’s bestie lives there and we are dying to visit soon!
    This Lounge Rooms at Oasia Hotel looks like the place to be!! Love this post!


  4. This place looks gorgeous! I love everything from the outside of the building to the modern, sleek decor! I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to make it Singapore, but I am staying here if I do!!


  5. A staycation there would totally change my life! I love the modern decor of this hotel, all the commodities and the beauty feeding your mind. Much love! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY


  6. I travelled so much and stayed in different type of hotels, I truly believe that friendly staff places a big role to give the best review to the hotel. This place is truly paradise. I love the fact that you could enjoy pool time and get a full breakfast. I am definitely gonna stay there when we will travel to Singapore.


  7. Ahh I’m based in Singapore and used to work near Tanjong Pagar too. I always feel that the Oasia Downtown Hotel building looks pretty covered in greenery which lives up to Singapore’s name of being a Garden City. So happy you enjoyed your stay there & I’m looking to plan a staycay with the hubs at this hotel sometime soon!


  8. This hotel looks absolutely amazing! It has all the elements for a memorable boutique hotel. I love that they put things into little details. All the complimentary things like cupcake, yoga mat to use, coconut water, pillow mist really makes people feel pampered. The infinity pool is simply ah-mazing!!

    xo Sheree


  9. I travelled so much and have been in different type of hotels, I believe that friendly staff places a big role to give the best review to the hotel. This place is paradise.


  10. This Oasia Hotel Downtown looks absolutely marvellous! It’s like from a fairy-tale. The location sounds great to me, it’s very important to have some affordable spots around.
    The reception area is just so posh yet very minimalistic. And the view is just incredible. This hotel has definitely a lot to offer. And how gorgeous the infinity pool is! Oh my! Girl, this place stole my heart.

    Cheers, Eliza |


  11. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    I am obsessed with Hotels as you know and this one is a Dream:)
    Love the Oasia Hotel Downtown Design and that Pool… would Love to Try:)
    You look so Sweet on that Photo:)
    How cute is the Pillow Mist Idea:) I never saw:)
    Happy Week
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina


  12. I saw this on your IG and was completely blown away! I truly wish there were more hotels like this!Oh and can’t wait to hear more about what’s going on in your life! Back to the hotel, I’ve never been to Singapore but I’ve heard really wonderful things as I’ve had a lot of family and friends who’ve traveled there. My goal is to have our entire family travel over sees in 2018 so post like this really excite me. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions as I’d have no idea where to even start! The architect did a fine job by how you described the air flow! All of the lounge area food sounds amazing but those cupcakes and hot chocolate! I love the bath and that you can separate yourself with the sliding doors! I’ve stayed at a few hotels that have a similar bath experience and I always REALLY appreciate that! Also, you know I LOVE your watermelon hat!

    Manda |


  13. Wow this hotel looks seriously so amazing. Love the decor and although I’ve never been to Singapore I’ll have to check it out! The breakfast and club room look amazing! Love all of that. And that hat is seriously too cute! Perfect for hanging out by a pool at a hotel. Thanks for the recommendation.


  14. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hotel like Oasia Hotel Downtown, surrounded in green on the outside…wow! I’m not the biggest sushi fan (and I also haven’t had the guts to try it haha), so I would be keen to check out that yummy burger joint you mentioned! I would definitely get a club room too for all those benefits. One thing I haven’t heard of is a pillow mist, so my curiosity is piqued!


  15. Oh wow the Oasia looks like such a nice hotel! I can’t get over all the lush ivy growing on the building (I think it’s ivy?) it looks so gorgeous. You did such a thorough job reviewing every aspect of the hotel, I felt like I was there with you! I’m definitely going to keep it in mind should I ever end up in Singapore.. and I will book a club room for myself!


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