Melbourne Day Trip #2 – Gourmet Food Tour in Yarra Valley

24 hours earlier, we spent the day with Australia’s wildlife.

Today, it’s time to indulge. We’ve heard only good things about Yarra Valley, known to many as Victoria’s premier wine region and weekend getaway destination. Besides wine and cheese, they’ve got lush, vibrant scenery. A feast for both your tummy and eyes!

We decided to book a day tour this time, the Yarra Valley Gourmet Food Tour with Changi Recommends. Why? Because they know what’s good around the valley, and we wouldn’t need to drive around aimlessly or spend hours researching on which of the wineries to go to, and also, we were planning on drinking – which means no driving! Plus, I liked the fact they combined the three finer things in life in this package – wine, cheese and chocolate!

Our Itinerary, from their page:

  • Yarra Farm Fresh – Taste some of the valley’s freshest fruits, juices and locally made products

  • DeBortoli Wines – Sample wine and cheese at the iconic family winery in Yarra Valley

  • Yarra Valley Dairy – Savour the valley’s freshest cheeses

  • Rochford Wines  – Enjoy a delicious lunch paired with three of Rochford’s premium wines

  • Yering Station – Indulge in wine tasting at Australia’s great wineries and an honourable member of the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame

  • Yarra Valley Chocolaterie – Exclusive tasting at the valley’s sweetest location

We were picked up at 8.45am, and set off towards Yarra Valley! It’s about a 45mins drive. We had a tour gude/bus driver, Callum, who was wonderful throughout the tour. He kept us entertained and laughing, but also knew when to just let us be. Oh, and there’s wifi on the bus the whole trip!


Yarra Farm Fresh

Our first stop, Yarra Farm Fresh, a local produce grocer, established to take on grocery giants Woolsworth and Metro. Fresh produce straight from the nearby farms, natural organic juices and jams, I wish we’d have this back in Singapore!




DeBortoli Wines

Our first wine-tasting of the day. It’s our first stop and we’d already gotten 6 different samples. Loving it! Also, try the Le Dauphine cheese offered here with the wine pairing – so creamy, so good!



Yarra Valley Dairy

Goat’s milk or cow’s milk? Why not both! The Yarra Valley Dairy is a family-owned business renowned state-wide for producing award-winning fresh, soft cheeses. Looking for melt-in-your-mouth cheese? Look no further!


Rochford Wines

Our fine-dining lunch stop – yay! I wouldn’t have minded a second portion of salmon. There’s also wine-tasting here if you’re so inclined. Me? I just walked around the souvenir shop looking a the various crafts items, saving myself for more tastings later – they’ve got quite a lovely and interesting range of items!



Yering Station

Next stop: Yering Station is proudly recognised as Victoria’s first vineyard, started way back in 1838 by two Scottish brothers.



We were escorted to the second level for a private tasting session – classy!



Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Last but not least, chocolate! Chocolate greets you right at their doorstep – free tastings, every chocoholic’s dream! Another thing that stood out were the decorations – the bright, colorful stripes really lift your mood (or perhaps it was the wine?) and makes you want to buy everything in the store!




We had another private session, and sampled 8-10 different types of rocky road concoctions.  My favourite had to be “Superfoods” – a mix of milk chocolate and nuts/seeds. I swear my chocolate limit for the year was reached just by the tasting alone. Didn’t stop me from trying out the chocolate buttons at the door though…


After the presentation, we roamed around for abit, looking almost literally like a kid in a candy store!




By the end of this, I was satisfied, and definitely in a wine-and-chocolate-induced coma. I’d like to once again give a shout-out to Changi Recommends for a great day out. They made everything hassle-free – no need to worry about parking, or do any research. From pick-up to drop-off (at your doorstep), they planned it all wonderfully, and provided us with the nicest tour guide, Callum, no less! I’m so glad we went with the tour. Both of us were knocked out on the journey back!

Changi Recommends, with this gem of a tour and their wifi router, have been aces, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend anyone to try them out. Oh, and if you’ve got a question about the tour or anything here, I’d be happy to help (email – candi (at) thelollychase (dot) com).

With that, I’ll leave you with some photos we managed to take of the lovely countryside…


and a selfie!

15 thoughts on “Melbourne Day Trip #2 – Gourmet Food Tour in Yarra Valley

  1. Local farmer’s market are just the best! Everything is fresh and so good! It’s also so great that you were picked up and brought there! And yes!! chocolate is the best of the best! xx


  2. Sounds like a mind blowing foodporn experience for sure and as a true foodie I was reading this literally drooling, haha. It got even worse (or rather better) when you entered the chocolate factory and I could’ve induced myself into a chocolate coma for sure and still kept going. I don’t know what it’s about chocolate, but I just can’t resist it. As for the tour it seemed to be a well put together one and the wifi is absolutely a bonus for people like us who need to be online all the time… 🙂 Thanks for recommending this tour!


  3. This is completely and unbelievably amazing!! Seriously, cheese, wine and chocolate???!! What else is there? First I thought the dairy farm was my favorite and then all that wine tasting … but nothing at all compares to the candy store! Except the cuteness that is you and your partner! Adorable!!


  4. What a trip girl! I mean, I loved reading about your adventures in the sanctuary and it’s nice that you guys took also the time to indulge a little. The chocolaterie looks amazing! Def my favorite out of all places you guys visited!
    Thank you for sharing! Looks like you guys created amazing memories judging by your writing and the photos!
    Australia is def on my list!


  5. Hello again dear. You had me at “Gourmet Food Tour”. What an amazing experience this was. I literally wanted to grab the chocolate, cheese and wine from the screen. Your shots make it seem like we were there and tasted this goodness. I’m a huge salmon fan, and oh my, I want some of THAT. The candy shop is so heartwarming and the selfie at the end is the cherry on top of this post! Ya’ll look adorable.
    xoxo, Dom


  6. Cheese, wine and chocolate, trifectas for foodies!! The food tour looked amazing and I bet it tasted just the same. You guys looked so cute and the Koala chocolate is too cute to eat!! I probably would save it and never eat it.,

    xo Sheree


  7. You look very happy and relaxed at the end of this day! It was so good you were driven here and there to sample good food and wine, no worries just fun. I would have died in that chocolaterie lol!!Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY


  8. Oh gosh if I thought your last day trip looked fun this one looks off the charts and right up my alley!! A gourmet food tour would be sooo fun and it looks like you got to try out so many tasty things. I definitely need to try a tour like this out!


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