Melbourne Day Trip #1 – Moonlit Sanctuary and the Penguin Parade

There are lots of daytrips to be done from Melbourne. The wilderness is all around you! We did two daytrips while we were there; one self-drive and one via a tour.

As you know, Australia’s home to many interesting animals, not found elsewhere in the world. A few examples are kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, dingos and wombats- pretty cool! I love visiting sanctuaries, more so than zoos, simply because I believe sanctuaries are meant to benefit animals and for conservation purposes in general, while zoos are more catered towards tourists, although of course some of them do have conservation goals but let’s not go there.  Anyway, like I said, just my preference!

So for the day, we planned two places;  First, Moonlit Sanctuary followed by the Penguin Parade! If you’re an animal-lover, you’d love the day I have planned!

Moonlit Sanctuary

The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park opened on September 2001, and is about 25acres big. There are approximately 30 different species, and over 200 animals, though not all are on display of course.

Moonlit Sanctuary opens at 10am, and it takes about an hour to get there from Melbourne. We signed up for a few encounters for the day –

  1. Dingo Walk
  2. Koala Encounter
  3. Behind the Scenes tour

You may find out more about the encounter prices and timings here.

The Dingo Walk starts at 10am, right when the park opens. We met Scorch and Blaze, a brother-sister duo, at the car park, and began our walk. I learned so much about them and the unfortunate reputation dingoes have in the eyes of farmers. Can you believe these beautiful creatures are currently listed as “Endangered” all across Australia, yet there’s been little movement to protect their species from extinction.

Why? Because they are considered by farmers, who believe them to be deadly predators and harmful to their livestock populations and are therefore baited, trapped and killed by most farmers. Truth is, dingoes mainly hunt for native wildlife, eg. Kangaroos and wallabies, and keep their populations in check. They generally avoid livestock, as it’s not in their natural instincts to hunt farmed animals. In fact, dingoes protect farmlands by keeping away foxes, feral cats etc, real livestock predators. Without them, these predators thrive and devastate local farm populations.

Thankfully, farmers are increasingly being educated on the true way of life of dingoes, and the importance of dingoes in the Australian landscape is slowly being recognised, and hopefully, in a few years, the situation will improve for the dingoes. There’s a small spark of hope though – Dingoes have been recognised as a threatened, protected species in Victoria.

It was fun – and educational!- taking Scorch and Blaze for a walk – walking them felt like walking dogs, and they’re just so soft and fluffy!



This shot of Blaze and I going in opposite directions crack me up – I’m definitely not the leader of this pack!




Blaze is way too cool for me


Next, we headed to the Koala enclosure for our photo-op with the Koala. In Victoria, you’re not allowed to physically carry/cuddle a koala, but that’s okay, having the opportunity to get up close and pet the little furry one was reward enough! As you can tell, he was completely unfazed by the attention – he just wanted the Eucalyptus!




We stopped for a quick bite at the cafe before our “Behind the Scenes” Tour, and enjoyed the Beef Steak Pie very much!



Time for the “Behind the Scenes” tour! We spent the next hour learning about various animals, and it’s so worth it.




She’s gonna be a proud mama soon!
Tawny Frogmouth



Yellow belly glider – That face though!



Arm candy!


Black-headed python


Hiding their enrichment treats!
Eclectus parrots

This was such a memorable and interactive experience, and the keeper, Ryan, couldn’t be nicer! Ask for him as your keeper, he has the most interesting facts and stories to share(which I won’t spoil here!). We learned so much about all the animals he showed us, and the photo opportunities alone make this worth every penny!

After the tour, we went around the park. One of the highlights around here is the feeding of resident kangaroos and wallabies (and some ducks!). You’ll never be able to get near them in the wild so if you want to pet a kangaroo/wallaby, Moonlit Sanctuary is the way to go. Just look at their adorable faces!! They’ll even hold onto to your palm until they’re finished, then you’re allowed to refill. Smart critters.



He has an obsession with animal paws. Always has to shake them!



DSC_0745.jpgWe finished feeding, literally, when the food ran out, and went around the park looking at the other exhibits.


Wally the Wombat
Sleeping Tasmanian Devil!


Most of the animals here have a story, and that includes the newest residents of Moonlit Sanctuary, a pair of Wedge Tailed Eagles, the largest raptors in Australia. Due to previous domestication, this pair’s only chance of survival lies in captivity.

According to Moonlit Sanctuary’s spokesman, “The male Wedgie was found severely underweight and begging for food on a farmer’s property, while the female was injured in an accident and required surgery to amputate two talons.”

That’s heartbreaking. I’ll never understand why people would want birds as pets – they’re meant to be soar. I have great respect admiration for Moonlit Sanctuary for swooping in(pun intended) and saving these birds, by building them their own private home, away from threats, and with space to fly and be comfortable. We watched them for a good 10 minutes; I love how regal they look.



Last but not least, the animal show! There’s an animal show daily at 2.30pm, and depending on the days, you might different animals, so no two visits are ever the same.









I very much enjoyed Moonlit Sanctuary! I love the interaction between the keepers and animals, you can tell there’s so much love between them and they’ve forged strong bonds with each other. Most of the animals each have a story, and almost every keeper have hand-reared at least one of the animals here – not surprising considering they are constantly rescuing animals in need and conservation is of the utmost importance here, with approximately 25% of Moonlit Sanctuary’s species marked as endangered or threatened with extinction.



Visit their website here for more info and tickets!


Nobbies Centre/ Penguin Parade

After the park, we headed off to our next destination – the Antarctic Journey Experience at the Nobbies Centre, our first stop before the Penguin Parade. It takes about an hour’s drive to get from Moonlit Sanctuary to the Antarctic Journey. Unfortunately, we arrived a little too late to experience the Antarctic Journey (doors close at 4pm in autumn), bummer! Be sure to check out their website for timings during different seasons.

The Antarctic Journey is a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and WWF-Australia and brings with it interactive and immersive activities and well worth your time to check it out. They’ve got exhibits to educate and entertain, including a state of the art multimedia experience where you stand on ice and watch marine marvels appear on the wide screen before you.



Job_0451_original.jpgJob_0214_original - CR.jpgA0036378_original.jpg

As the sun began to set, we made our way towards the Penguin Parade, less  than 5 mins’ drive away from the Nobbies Centre! There are three tiers; the General Viewing, Penguins Plus, and Underground Viewing. Tickets can be pre-purchased on their website here.

Visitor Centre 2.JPGParade Viewing Platforms.JPGB0034339.jpg

Waiting in the comforts of the Underground viewing platform We were told to keep our voices down and put away any recording devices – no photography/video recording/audio recording is allowed – for the sake of the Penguins. This applies to all viewing platforms, which is nice, so you’ll be able to appreciate the “performance” in all its glory without distractions!

As the sun began to set, we witnessed the first group of penguins landing on the shore and it was hard to contain our excitement! They’re the cutest things, and their waddling just made our hearts melt. They looked drunk, haha!

Penguin 1.jpgPenguin Parade_11 (full res).jpgPenguin 5.jpgUnderground 3.jpgUnderground 4.jpg

These penguins are known as Fairy, or Little Penguins, and are the smallest species of penguins in the world. Adult little penguins are the only penguins in the world with blue and white feathers and average around 1kg and 33cm tall – pint-sized! Phillip Island is home to an estimated 32,000 penguins – just imagine! They spend 80% of their lives in the sea, only coming up onto land after sunset when they please (and when their land predators are sleeping), to socialise, breed, moult and basically, take a break from the sea.

I’ve never experienced a “Penguin Parade” before this and I’m so glad I did it, and now understand why EVERYONE wants to do it. Tickets to the parade go towards a great cause – to protect and enhance Phillip Island’s natural environment through research, conservation and education programs so they may continue to support the diverse wildlife populations that look to it as home for current and future generations to come. You get to watch an amazing, aww-inducing penguin “performance” and the money spent supports wildlife and their habitats – it’s a win-win!

Want a little preview of the precious penguins? They’ve got an a Penguin Parade App that’ll take you behind the scenes and give you access to the burrow camera where you can penguins playing house!

Like I said, I’ve always loved animals, and this day couldn’t have gone any better. First at Moonlit Sanctuary with some of Australia’s iconic animals, and ending off the day with the cutest parade in the world.

Tomorrow, we indulge!

13 thoughts on “Melbourne Day Trip #1 – Moonlit Sanctuary and the Penguin Parade

  1. Wow!! What an adventure!

    Such s gorgeous tour!! That side of the world is amazing!! And I would be in heaven with those koalas!! They are the cutest!!

    So fabulous to “take a visit” with you!!


  2. Stop I am such an animal person and all of those pictures are making my heart melt! The koalas are so cute and the snakes are awesome! You were so brave to take it in your hand haha! LOVE IT!


  3. When I first saw some of these pictures on your Instagram my heart really broke when I read about how dingos are treated by farmers, as the dingos are needed out there in the nature to keep the natural balance between the species in order, but I’m glad farmers are being educated and are more aware of this nowadays so hopefully the dingo population will stabilize back to normal (whatever that is nowadays when it comes to species). I adore the cute lil doggies (I know they’re wild animals, but still) as well as the koala hug you got to experience. The story about the eagles was a sad one, but also one filled with hope as this sanctuary is amazing and the eagles truly are regal! As for the penguins, THAT must have been a mind blowing experience to see all those cuties crawling ashore seeming slightly intoxicated, haha. I’d love to experience that one day and thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is completely delightful and such a joy to read! I agree with you about preferring sanctuaries to zoos for obvious reasons and would really love the opportunity to spend time at the Moonlit Sanctuary. I’m absolutely obsessed by the koala and just loved watching you with all of the animals. The penguin parade is fascinating and definitely adorable!!


  5. Wow girl this looks like such a terrific adventure.
    I love sanctuaries better than most zoos too because of the same reason.
    I’m a huge animal lover, so anything that involves interacting with animals I’m in!
    Loving all these pics! Especially yours with the little koala!
    And can we talk about baby penguins? OMG SO CUTEEEE!
    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hello dear. I’m so happy I finally made it over to your beautiful blog. This was so joyous to read. I loved your insight on each of the animals and the delightful photos to go with it. Those koala’s are beyond adorable. And that snake you embraced your Britney Spears moments, aha. I enjoyed this post girl! Thank you for making us readers feel like we were on the trip with you.


  7. Oh my gosh everything about this post is just too adorable!! I’ve always wanted to cuddle with a Koala, pet a dingo and watch the penguins march and looking at all of your photos, I felt as if I was there. These animal are so precious and it is great that they get to be in their natural environment.

    xo Sheree


  8. Im animal person and all of those pictures are making my heart melt!
    Everything about this post is just too adorable!! I’ve always wanted to cuddle with a Koala and watch the penguins march and looking at all of your photos, I felt as if I was there. Love it!
    Looking forward being back on your blog. Thank you, enjoyed!



  9. What a day full of emotions! I was especially impressed by the sanctuary and by the special care endangered animals get there! I love how you were able to stay around the animals without intruding. The story of those eagles was really sad. Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY


  10. I have always wanted to go to Australia and this looks like it would be such a fun day trip if I am ever in Melbourne!! Thank you for sharing and being so in depth, and for sharing so many photos with us! I felt like I was right there with you xox


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