Emirates A380 Business Class Review- May 2017

Hey guys!

As those following me on Instagram may know, I had the opportunity to experience Business Class with Emirates during my trip to Australia in May, on the world’s largest airline passenger carrier; the A380, no less!

The first question that pops into mind is: Is business class worth it?

Let’s find out.

Emirates’ A380 has a huge business class; a total of 76 seats (58 in front, and 18 at the back). Each of their business class seats are fully-inclinable into a flat-bed seat. I took a redeye flight, allowing me to take full advantage of this feature! Oh, and they have a bar at the back of the plane too, you know, for drinks, conversation and just to move your legs around a bit if you feel the need to.

The business class cabin features a staggered configuration. This means you get to pick either seats being closer to the aisle or window, depending on your preference. If you’re travelling alone, I’d recommend you pick a seat closer to the window, with the tray table, accesories etc on your right, so you could have your own little private space.

However, since I was travelling with my partner, we decided to pick seats next to each other, without obstacles:


I like that Emirates gives its passengers a choice with their configuration. I was able to freely talk and steal some of my partner’s food whenever I liked!

Once we were settled, the flight attendant who would be taking care of us introduced himself to us. He also offered us a pre-departure drink, with the choice between champagne, apple juice, or orange juice.

Champagne please!

The Seats

DSC_0283-2.jpgYou can’t get any better than Emirates’ ICE inflight entertainment system. It’s widely known to be the best in the sky, with an incredible selection of movies, TV shows, music etc – over 2500 channels! I loved the size of the screen too!

Yay legroom!


To the left of my seat, there was the entertainment controller, seat controller, power outlets, and a minibar stocked with a variety of beverages (still water, sparkling water, juce and soda) and an empty glass. Perfect – no need to wait till after takeoff for drinks! I like that it came a little nifty metal rail that you lift when you want a drink. I’m guessing it’s to prevent drinks from spilling. Further left, there are little storage spaces by the windows where you can put your laptops, headphones etc etc so you’ll have easy access to it throughout the flight.


There were also button at the side to convert the seats into a flatbed whenever you’re ready. Nifty!

Other items distributed to us:

Bvlgari amenity bags for him and her
Noise cancelling headphones – always useful!
A lil’ something extra!
Luxury chocolates before takeoff

After takeoff, the flight attendants came to each our seats and offered to lay a mattress over it. I gladly accepted.


All settled in

The Bar/ Lounge area

Shortly after takeoff, we decided to check out the bar area, before dinner was served.

Huge entertainment screen along with canapés on the counter
Spirits and finger sandwiches – bliss!



Trying out my hand at bartending
Nuts and breadsticks!
Yes I’d like some cognac please.


I love food, so after the bar, it was straight back to our seats for a 3-course dinner! I picked the Seafood duo, Lamb loin and Cheese plate.


Seafood duo was delicious – prawns were large and cooked perfectly.


Lamb loin – Another win. These were big, generous portions.


Last but not least, being the cheese fanatic that I am, I just had to try the cheese platter. You can never go wrong with cheese!

I would show you the breakfast options, but I slept throughout the flight and missed breakfast. I did have some finger sandwiches from the bar though, my favourite – I just love little finger sandwiches!

After dinner, the rest of the flight was spent looking like this:


Seriously, I loved it all. If you’ve never indulged in a business class flight, this should be on your bucket list. It’s a completely different way to fly and everyone should try it at least once, it’s a whole experience in and of itself. Your body will thank you for it. I actually wished the flight was longer, so I could get in more sleep!

Everyone who’s travelled with me know I don’t sleep well on planes. I look on in envy at friends and fellow passengers who knock out the moment the plane ascends. Not me. If I’m lucky, I’ll get 30mins pockets of sleep. I get restless, I fidget, I look for the optimal spot that’ll let me sleep in peace – a spot that never materialises. Instead, I resign myself to watching movies sleepily, bobbing in and out of sleep. It definitely takes a toll on my body.

But not this time. I woke up feeling refreshed, not something I’m used to, especially after a redeye. Thank you Emirates!

Hello tomorrow, indeed.


23 thoughts on “Emirates A380 Business Class Review- May 2017

  1. I am so jealous that you got to experience it, because I never travelled in first class, in USA the 1st class flights are not worse to pay! I actually flew once with Emirates but in econom and it wasn’t very comfortable, I guess they take better care for business class people. ;( But seems you enjoyed your flight a lot!



  2. Omg! This must have been such a great experience! Everything looks so luxe and cozy!
    I have to try traveling like this!


  3. OMG Emirates a380 business class looks amazing!!!!!! I still haven’t been to a business class on an a380 yet!!!! I can’t believe they even have a stand up bar area! this is so cool!!! I normally fly with Cathay giving that I’m based out of Hong Kong. Cathay totally need to step up with their game for business class!!

    xx, Jessie


  4. I was excited to read this since I saw it on IG! I’ve yet to fly business class as I have two little ones but I’m thinking next year they will both be old enough to take longer trips and I haven’t seen many reviews on business class yet! Business Class with Emirates looks and sounds like an incredible flight experience! It’s really ideal that they let you choose your seat configuration! A seat closer to the window sounds incredible so you could have your own little private space if you are traveling alone! What really got me were the Bvlgari amenity bags for him and her! This is seriously like staying at a luxury hotel but on the flight! The little lounge is perfect and the food?! That incredible on a plane?! Sign me up! Is everything included as a part of your ticket price or are the meals/drinks/and goodies separate? I’m just like you with not being able to sleep on a flight or a car ride for that matter! Seems like a great way for kids to fly too although, I’m not sure that other passengers think so! LOL

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com


  5. Thank you for this amazing review. I have always wanted to try the Emirates carrier and this is such a great look at what is offered. I definitely think Business Class is the way to go for international flights and this just confirms my opinion. The flight goes by so much quicker in Business class, doesn’t it? All the luxury amenities are top notch and really make the flight worth it. That mini bar station and lounge bench is incredible and I love the noise cancelling headphones, toiletries bags, and all that extra space. I love the attention that you get in Business and it’s totally worth every penny! I definitely need to book my next flight with Emirates indeed! xoxo, Christine


  6. Ahh this is an experience I hopefully will have in the future! I’ve never flown business class and I’m sure you know what a pain it is to fly coach and being squished in with the crowd and screaming babies. Super not pleasant.
    I love how you have your own personal space and TO RECLINE AND SLEEP?! Seriously a dream, pun intended haha.
    The time must just fly by (pun not intended LOL) with everything at your service. An entertainment system and an array of alcohol to choose from. If i could afford it, i would fly business all the time haha



  7. omg babe !! this is an experience that i’d love to have one day. we all know the struggles of flying cheap and being squished in with the crowd and screaming babies when all we’re doing is just trying to sleep. To have your own personal space looks amazing and that reclining chair is just a DREAM to sleep on i bet. And time must fly by when all the services you have around you including the entertainment system and of course an array of alcohol to choose from! Sorry for all the puns LOL.
    business class is definitely something I’d consider trying once now that i see how amazing it is!



  8. I mean of course it’s worth it if you can afford it! Especially for long flights!
    Emirates takes this to a whole new level though! It’s like a 5 star hotel!
    The menu, the amenities, the bar, the mattress!!! OMG the mattress!!
    I really had no idea that all of this existed hahaha so thanks for sharing!!
    Looks like you had the flight of a lifetime!!


  9. Ok, sign me up for business class on the Emirates A380 please! Is this only available for flights that are longer than a certain number of hours? Because if I ever travel anywhere outside of the US, I will for sure want to look into the business class option. It looks divine.
    I totally understand what you mean about the sleep problem on planes. I find plane seats very uncomfortable, and I get so tired after any flight. But look at you and this flatbed option, it looks like the flight is a vacation itself! So luxurious to be able to catch some good sleep before your destination!
    The food looks and sounds amazing as well. I love that there is a menu that you can choose from, not like those pre-boxed dinners from other airlines. And the dishes actually look really good for being airplane food.
    Thanks for the thorough review, I will definitely check out Emirates business class next time we go overseas.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose


  10. Business class flight with Emirates is totally on my bucket list. I have heard from friends who have traveled on business class with Emirates how amazing it is and now reading your post I am so blown away with your experience. The bar, the amenity bags, the configuration of your seat. OMG heaven! I bet the breakfast was delicious:)
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Aurela xoxo


  11. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    I am so Happy that you showed us this Emirates Business Class Experience:)
    I am obsessed with Everything!
    I can’t sleep on plane as well but at Emirates Business Class I would definitely sleep Like An Angel!
    Everything is so Luxurious and Incredible:)
    I never thought this Exists:) ehhe:)
    Now I know:)
    The Lounge Looks Soo Amazing and to be honest, Everything Looked Like a Dream! I want to Try this for sure:) I mean Really, I travel a lot:) I have to 🙂
    Wish you Amazing Day
    Love Open Kloset By Karina


  12. Dear god. This is what they call flying in style!! Wowwww! I’m so jealous you got to experience this. The leg room is a serious plus. And that mini bar plus a lounge. Wow. Seriously impressed. Giving me the travel big!


  13. Wow! This post is absolutely amazing! I woud love to try this flight. it looks totally luxurious, comfy and stylish. Despite your body will thank for that, as you mentioned haha, the whole experience look worth it. I’m impressed to see the mini bar. What a cool idea, espcially for long flights! Great review, girl your images are amazing, very well taken.
    Have a nice day!




  14. Oh babe, this was such a great opportunity, and I strongly believe that experiencing business class at least once is totally worth it. Loved being introduced to all the services they offer and i bet it was super comfy to get a mattress for your own, extra leg space and such a wide variety of movies and tv shows. As you, I couldn’t sleep on plane before, but lately I just pass out like a baby, haha. Wishing you a great day! xx



  15. Haha, I’m one of those people you’d look at enviously as I fall asleep before the plane even takes off. When I fly Business class I do like the comfort of actually laying flat and Emirates truly lives up to their reputation when it comes to great service. I love the fact that they have a menu to choose from and not only one dish that is fed to all. I’ve have to book a overseas flight someplace soon as I love indulging in luxury in the air. Thanks for a great review of a lovely airline and it’s business class and I’m glad you had a good time and for once, actually did sleep. 🙂



  16. I would LOVE to experience business class with any of the emirate airlines and this experience sounds so divine!! I’ve just never been able to justify paying for business though as I’ve always been such a stickler for value for money! So jealous that you got to experience this though honey!!

    Helen xx


  17. I’ve never gone anywhere with Emirates but I’ve heard so many great things about their service. I am all about luxury traveling, of course if you can afford it 🙂 For me the biggest selling point on business class is being able to lay flat and get some sleep on the plane. Nothing is like getting to your destination all fresh. I am so glad you enjoyed your travel.

    xo, Maryam


  18. I have never flown with Emirates but I hear that it has the best Business and First class! I’ve only flew business to Asia and can say that it is worth every penny. The fact that you get your own little private sleep area that lays flat is already a winner IMO. When I flew to Asia, I actually bought a business class seat for my two kids to share and they both fit comfortably there and had a great few hours of sleep. I’m def going to try Emirates when I get a chance.

    xo Sheree


  19. I have never travel the airline before but just heard amazing things about them!!! I have to say the business class looks so amazing and the seats looks so comfy specially on long flights. I have to go back to Africa soon maybe I will try them out 🙂



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