Sequins Season! (LOOKBOOK)

SEQUINS, SEQUINS, SEQUINS! For those of us who loves sequins (but aren’t always brave enough to wear them out), DECEMBER lets us bust out the sequinned dresses and PARTY!

I’ve worked together with mikivintage this year to bring you guys sequinned party looks below, and I hope you like them!


I love mikivintage‘s stuff because there’s always something for everyone, whether you’dlike a subtle sparkle, or a full on disco lights party going on in your #ootn! Here are some of the looks I’ve selected;



IMG_7873.jpgI love nude palettes and these dresses are amongst my favourites from them! The bling isn’t too overpowering either, it’s elegant, classy and pretty/


img_6657-2img_6705img_6967img_6782For those that’ll like to go all out, these cowl neck dresses are to-die-for, plus they come with metallic chains that double as necklaces! Accessorising? Check!


IMG_7079.jpgimg_7036Black sequins, because black will always be the new black. This pretty piece hugs you where it matters, and yes, that’s a boob-ish neckline!


img_7255Their bandage collection flaunts dresses that come with ultra long straps, so much so that the dress can be worn in 101 different ways! Above, you’ll see I’m wearing it strapless, and that’s only one of the many, many ways.


img_7484img_7487IMG_7593.jpgYou’ll never go wrong with the classic black x gold.


img_7618img_7626And of course, there’s always RED, a color that’s flawless  for Christmas/New Year’s, and can we talk about that divine plunging neckline? SIZZLING!

IMG_5450.jpgIMG_8075.jpgThese technically aren’t sequins, but they’re crystal bling and I couldn’t resist putting it here! On the left, we have a beautiful velvet blazer dress that’s handy as an actual blazer as well. Comfort and style, yes please! On the right, it’s a figure-hugging haute couture-styled dress emblazoned with bling. It’s modest, alluring. Pair these up with thigh high boots or high heels, and you’re all set to party!


Cocktail dresses

We can’t forget the cocktail dresses. These beauties are usually necessary during end-of-the-year work events or formal parties. Shorter dresses may come across too revealing at a “proper party” so we’ve got to glam it up in a long dress instead, which isn’t always a bad thing. I always feel like a princess in a cocktail dress:)

img_6928img_7176img_7190This particular white/pink set made me feel like a mermaid princess;)




Last but not least, the playsuits! I’ve always loved playsuits, I never say no to a pair of shorts, so that could be a reason… I find that they allow much more mobility(which is a ALWAYS a plus if you’re gonna party hard – right?!) I love how these playsuits are fully blinged out!



This caped jumpsuit deserves a special mention! Besides being all gold(dazzle baby dazzle!), it’s perfect for retro themed parties, disco times, 80s, etc. So if you’re in need of a throwback outfit… well here you go!

Dresses/jumpsuits courtesy of – shop their collection today, it’s sparkly and everything a sequins-lover could ask for! What do you think? Email me at thelollychase [at] gmail [dot] come with your questions/feedback!

Till next time, shine bright like a diamond.

XOXO, Candi


2 thoughts on “Sequins Season! (LOOKBOOK)

  1. Hey Candi 🙂 I’m super curious about the last pink dress under the cocktail dress section. Wondering what the quality of the dress is like and the sizing? I might buy it as my prom dress!


    1. Hi conxtrast, thank you for reading! Did you mean the last pink cocktail dress full of sequins? It’s gorgeous! I love the sequins and color of it – it’s sparkling, but not overtly pink, but a nice muted pink, if you get what I mean? It comes with adjustable straps and is padded, so you can go braless if you’d like. I’m about a UK8 and wear a Small for this! If you’re unsure, you can contact them through their website and let them know your measurements, they’d be better equipped to help you with sizing 🙂


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