Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas!

Thanksgiving, a day traditionally spent with family, enjoying a big, sumptuous meal, and watching tv. It’s an easy, casual day. Some of you might even be meeting your partner’s parents, for the first time or otherwise!
I decided to come up with a little guide, taking into consideration what goes down during thanksgiving. I.E, it’s supposedly a pretty chill day, you’re not planning on a crazy party or what have you. You just wanna feast, and go into a food coma afterwards. So you’ll ideally want an outfit that’s going to be comfortable after you’ve gorged yourself on food.
I know, I know, it seems such a small matter – it’s just dinner right? But for those of us meeting new people for the first time, catching up with relatives after a long while, thanksgiving could mean more than just a dinner, it could mean a whole slew of interrogation/superficial judgement coming your way, and you’d want to look good and be comfortable at the same time.

I’ve compiled a quick list for items that are generally “ideal” to wear during this occasion, be it meeting family, new people, having dinner with friends etc.

Top and Jeans/Pants/Leggings

The classic combination – This is the easiest look to pull off, whether it’s jeans, culottes, pants, leggings. Just wear a sweater on top and go with it! Play with fabrics and structures for a casual/formal look.

Sweater, culottes and loafers, the ultimate chill #ootd!
Jacket/Top/Jeans – you’ll never go wrong!
Tunics and leggings, perfect for family/friends get-togethers
Add a statement piece (in this case, an artsy jacket), to an all black ensemble to liven it up!
For a more formal look. opt for a soft, silky top with work pants/culottes

NOTE: Wearing white though, could be risky. I can be pretty clumsy sometimes, so I would generally avoid wearing white to important/big dinners. Don’t wanna get sauce on my white outfit, they can be a pain to clean, eh?!

Top and skirt
If you’re not a pants person, a top and skirt adds a a touch more femininity to your outfit. Planning on having a feast? Opt for flowy skirts, preferable those with an elastic waist, and a longer length, so you’ll be able to take a well-deserved nap after without worries!

Red heels for an extra pop of color!

Boyfriend/shirt dresses
I absolutely love wearing oversized shirt dresses, they’re a no-brainer, just put one on and you’ve got an outfit! PLUS, they’re comfortable and modest. Cold weather? Pair them with thigh high boots or leggings and booties! Have a food baby after dinner? No worries, this will cover it right up!


For those of you who want to impress the family and just absolutely have to dress up, I’d recommend going for a dress that’s not too short, like so:


I love this piece because it’s a rather festive color, and at the same time, it’s knitted and so comfortable! It’s a great length, so I don’t feel self-conscious nor the urge to pull the dress down every few minutes while I’m seated. Like the shirt dress, knee-length pieces generally go well with heels, thigh boots or even loafers. Layer on a cute cardigan/jacket to keep warm while you’re outside 🙂

Midi dresses are also a great option in this case like so:


It’s a little more casual and relaxed:)

Recommended to AVOID: Short, bodycon, sparkly, thigh slits, etc pieces simply because I feel thanksgiving’s meant to be more casual or, at most, smart casual. It’s a pretty relaxed holiday, and you don’t want to spend half of it worrying about your outfit.

I hope these outfit ideas have helped you. These do not only apply to Thanksgiving, it can be used for most family-oriented festivities! Have feedback or comments? Let me hear them below, or via email at thelollychase [at] gmail [dot] com!

One more thing before I go, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE! Got your look but still feels it needs a little more punch? Accessories are your answer! Play around with necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc., and you’ll see, your outfit will look SO MUCH better.

If you’re planning on getting your hands dirty (eg. we all know the only right way to eat chicken wings is to use your hands!!), perhaps leave the rings and home and layer up on bangles instead. I love wearing rings, but also have a habit of taking them off while eating/using the restroom etc, and I’ve lost a couple due to this. You live and you learn 🙂

With that, I wish you all an amazing Thanksgiving week ahead, and remember, “eat, drink, and be messy”!

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