Day 12 – Snaefellsnes Peninsula

It was our final full day in Iceland today, dedicated to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. I’ve heard lots about Snaefellsnes, but I hadn’t done much research here, preferring to opt for a drive around the national park, and stop as and when we pleased. There’s a whole plethora of things to do here, and you can easily spend 3 days here. However, since we had one full day, I tried avoiding looking too much into researching, otherwise I’d feel “bad” for missing out on X or Y etc. It was our full last day, and we wanted to slowly take it all in and enjoy it. It’s entirely possible to do a day trip here from Reykjavik as well.

We started in a port town, Stykkisholmur, and followed the road around the edge of the peninsula, visiting port towns and other attractions. It took a whole day, but we made it!

On the road again! Cloudy today…


Heading into town 🙂
Nesbraud ehf, the #1 bakery in Stykkisholmur


Helgafellssveit Lava fields

This next part is one of my favourite places here in Iceland. This wasn’t even on our little list, we simply chanced upon it. It’s a lava field, and the rock formations contrasted with the scenery around is it utterly stunning. We spent a couple of hours here just taking it all in.


First, we noticed the blueberry fields(thanks to the riding tour!), and obviously we had to stop for all natural blueberries!! Thankfully we had an extra coffee cup in the car for such emergencies 😉

After our mini blueberry escapade, we moved on, and were treated to these gorgeous sights, making this in my top 2 favourite spots:


Placing a loose rock on top of these rock towers’ meant to be signify good luck


My first ever experience seeing a full rainbow! PS. There’s a faint double rainbow on top of it!


Breathtaking, isn’t it?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy remains one of my favourite books/movies and the lava fields brought me back to them, and I half-expected orcs to start running across the fields :p

Moving on, we drove past more towns, and came across one the most famous mountain in Iceland:

Kirkjufell mountain
From the front, or is this the back?

If you’re keen to get a closer look, there’s a road leading straight towards the mountain, but we were bent on seeing the Snaefellsnesjokull, the penultimate glacier in this national park, so we continued driving forwards, next time perhaps!


Following the map on our GPS led us up this road to the Snaefellesnesjokull, we wouldn’t find out till later we made a mistake.


The road started out fine, we even met a couple of cars along the way, both big and small, so we weren’t worried, even if the road was a little bumpy.dsc_0439

but it got worse very quickly-


We started to suspect something was wrong as we ascended, but google maps couln’t be wrong, right? They wouldn’t possibly give us directions onto the dreaded F-road? We continued driving though, following the offline map since there was no reception up here, and we didn’t want to give up, almost there! Honestly though, this was worse than driving in the Westfjords. The clouds, fog and mist didn’t help. We were probably going 20km/hr, avoiding rocks, potholes, and praying we wouldn’t fall off the sides. It was a little scary, but funny at the same time. We were having a little off-road adventure!

On hindsight, this seemed like an ominous sign + look at the snow!
How far we’d come




Nope, nope nope! This is where we gave up. We had no snow tires, and as you can see, visibility was horrible. No more risks for us!

As we headed back down, the weather started to clear up though, and we were treated to some pretty sights-



As we left, I took a quick picture of the sign:


It still didn’t mention about it being an F-road though. We stopped by the side of the road and googled the road… and YES, IT WAS AN F-ROAD. We had expected any/all F-roads to be written with the “F” clearly marked in front, eg. F570, but no, I guess this isn’t their practice here in Iceland.

So if you wanted to know what an F-road looks/feels like, I’ve just shown you a glimpse of it! I do have to admit though, it’s a whole different experience and slightly different sights from normal roads, I guess because you get to see more “unspoilt beauty”, reminiscent of the Westfjords, a little, at least. I was pretty bummed we didn’t get to see Snaefellsnesjokull though, we were too focused on the road towards the top and there was all that fog in the way.

No matter, we’ll try another route 🙂 I’ve learned it’s always important to keep an optimistic outlook while travelling, and treat every experience as an adventure. Chances are, you’ll laugh at the silly mistakes when you look back on them.

Relief as we headed back on to paved roads

Oh wait… there it is! Snaefellsnesjokull’s peak!

Thanks for the mini adventure, Snaefellsnes!

Happy to be back on paved roads, we chanced upon a crater and made a beeline for it – Saxholl Crater


We ended our day with a sunset viewing by the cliffs. Puffins can be found here during the warmer months… no such luck for us! But the beautiful sunset was a welcome consolation.


A difference of 20 minutes

I’ve never seen such a blue/purple sunset. Iceland, you never cease to amaze me, even until the last moment.

After this, it was time to head back for dinner and sleep. Tomorrow marked the last day of our trip, back to Reykavik and then to Keflavik! The adventures end here, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and it’s been some help if you’re planning on heading to Iceland (you must!). Feel free to write with any questions! Until the next one, XOXO.

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