Day 11 – Chilling in the Westfjords with Horses and Seals

We woke up to the best breakfast spread we’ve had this trip – and that includes hotel buffets that we’ve been to. It was a homemade spread kindly offered by our hosts, with smoked salmon, smoked lamb, bread, cheeses, fruits platter, yogurt etc. Basically, anything anyone could have asked for! You’ll be surprised how proper food gets you ready for the day!

After breakfast, we took a quick soak in their hot tub beside the property, a welcome respite the cold.

Our initial plan was to head to the Latrabarg bird cliffs, but the puffins had already left and there was a storm brewing, and we were strongly advised against it by our hosts. No matter, there was a cute little hot tub that we decided to soak in.

We didn’t manage to see seals yesterday, and we were a little disappointed. I kept looking out for them with the binoculars, hoping to spot down. After a few hours, my wish was granted; they were out and about after lunch, lounging on the rocks!

Our host Arni very kindly drove us to the spot.

They noticed us…
and dived right in!
Popped their heads up…
and watched our every move!


Sunbathing like a boss


There were so many of them! The seals here are quite used to humans and terribly curious. Smart, too. As we got closer, one by one they popped into the water and I thought that was it, but no. As we continued walking along the beach, they followed us, dipping theirs heads in and out of the water, coming closer, getting too close, freaking out, and diving back in. Then they came closer again. All this time, they never took their eyes off us! I wanted to hug one oh so much.

Have you seen anything cuter??

Before we left, we had to say goodbye to the horses.

He got a little too greedy


My oddly positioned fingers, because I was afraid he would bite them off in his quest for bread!


More gravel road driving. Honestly we were relived when we got out of the West Fjords, you stop taking for granted driving on proper roads once you’ve been to the West Fjords.

Saying goodbye to Dynjandi


And now, bedtime, and an early start tomorrow for our last day in the wild at the Snaefellsnes Peninsula!

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