Day 10 – Dynjandi Waterfall and Laugabol Horsefarm

We had to make the most of the West Fjords! After all, we only had a couple of days here.

After breakfast, we headed to Dynjandi waterfall. As you travel through the West Fjords, you’ll realise tons of little waterfalls as you go along. So you know this would have to be a pretty impressive waterfall to warrant as a tourist attraction, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Dynjandi from afar

As you make your way up to Dynjandi, there are a several other waterfalls signposted-


And… Behold, the majestic Dynjandi!


Don’t forget to turn back on your way up!

There’s a little picnic area at the bottom of the waterfall for you to enjoy your lunch and the sights as well. We saw quite a few families doing just that šŸ™‚

After an hour, we left the waterfall and headed to our next airbnb, Laugabol Horsefarm. It scored a perfect 5/5 on airbnb, and it seemed to be booked solid most days, but by some stroke of luck, we managed to get a slot pretty last minute. It was near Dynjandi, but we had an adventure getting there due to the tiny gravel roads we had to get on.


Rainbow at the the end of the gravel road? Perhaps a sign:)
Finally arrived!

It was a beautiful home, owned by the nicest hosts we’ve ever met. Lilja was warm and welcoming, and Arni was a delight and had such an infectious laugh. They were both cheerful, helpful, lovely people. I only wish I could be like them one day, with a lovely horse farm in the middle of nature. #couplegoals

It’s a horsefarm, so obviously the first thing I did was to go out and pet the horses.! Icelandic horses are like the superstars of the horse world; absolutely gorgeous specimens I haven’t seen elsewhere. Just look their beautiful manes! I was, AM, obsessed.


Lilja told a little trick too – the horses LOVED bread. She offered us some bread and off we went to feed the horses. I definitely underestimated how much they liked the breadk because it got off to a good start, but once the rest of the horses realised I had bread with me, EVERYONE wanted some. I love horses, but I’ll admit I got a little freaked out when they all made a beeline for me and started “play-fighting”, as you’ll see…


Horses fighting over who gets bread, seriously!

After it got a little too intense, we quickly finished feeding them and headed to the beach that fronts the home and had a lovely stroll. On lucky days, you might catch seals sunbathing or whales along the shore. Alas, this was not our day, but we were comforted by the beauty and tranquility of the entire area, so no complaints here.


We laterĀ settled down to dinner with the hosts and other guests. It was the perfect AirBnB experience. Honestly, this place alone made the whole West Fjords worth going to. I’m not even kidding!

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