Day 5 – Lake Myvatn area

Lake Myvatn is a beautiful lake area surrounded by wetlands. The lake was created by an eruption 2300 years ago, and it’s been providing life ever since. You’ll find tons of sheep, birds and ducks here, idly passing their day without a care in the world. I do believe the happiest animals are probably found in Iceland. Driving on the roads, we see dogs without leashes, running ahead of their owners in the vast farmlands. We city people love our dogs, that’s for sure, but I sometimes wish we could give them a life in the countryside, where they deserve.

1) Namaskard Hot Springs

We were grateful for the weather forecast as we left the hotel in the morning; forecast – sunny till the afternoon, got to make the best of it! Our first stop was Namaskard, a spot well known for its sulphurous mud springs and fumaroles, located at the foothills of the spectacular volcanic mountain, Krafla. It was nice driving the quiet and windy roads. When we arrived, we were greeted with cloudless blue skies above, and orange sand on the ground, a stunning contrast. It kinda felt like we were in the Grand Canyon.




After a while, you’ll start to realise there’s no flora nor fauna here in Namaskard. The high temperatures and constant emission of sulphur fumes has turned the ground acidic and sterile, and unable to sustain plant life. A lovely sight to behold on the surface, but deadly inside. 

2) Viti CraterDSC_0004-2.jpg


3) Dettifoss Waterfall
Another day, another majestic waterfall! The trails to the falls consisted of rocky roads filled with brown rock formations, and it felt like you were taking a walk in a movie scene from Lord of the Rings!

We were fortunate to go on a sunny day, and managed to catch a double rainbow right at the falls! Back home, rainbows aren’t too common due  the tall buildings blocking out the skies most times, but in Iceland, you see them every few days. It reminded me how pretty rainbows are.




4) Lake Myvatn
Our final destination for the day was spent around Lake Myvatn


As the clouds rolled in in the evening, we headed back to the comfort of our room for a much needed break! Another beautiful day spent in Iceland – bliss!

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