Day 4 – Jokulsarlon & East Iceland

We were greeted with a momma sheep and her two babies this morning right outside our room (yay full glass windows!)


Chasing after them because I wanted to pet a sheep
Failed miserably, but it was a hoot!

Anyhoo, we did lots of walking the day before, now it was time to make up the distance with driving – but first to Jokulsarlon, the glacier lagoon!

Jokulsarlon is formed naturally, from melted glacial water coming from the glaciers around and the lagoon gets grows bigger each year, as big blocks of ice crumble from the ever decreasing glaciers into the lagoon.




We stayed awhile, watching and admiring the glacier ice floating along the water. We had a long drive ahead – 463.7km!! Next stop: Lake Myvatn!

As usual, we made many stops along the way. Seriously, you’ll never tire of Iceland!





We rested at Lake Laxa for the night, a newly opened and very pretty hotel in the Lake Myvatn area(full glass windows again, score!), no northern lights tonight, but we did catch a picture of a large full moon:


The picture’s so… clean, I just wanted to share it!

Note: We decided to do a long drive because we had plans the next couple of days around Lake Myvatyn, you may choose to do the same as well, or take a shorter drive and end up at Egilsstaðir for a night, where there are a few attractions around as well, as many others have done. It’s all about priorities:)

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