Day 2 – Beginning of the Ring Road; Waterfalls, Black Sand Beach and Fjaorargljufur Canyon

New day, new sights! Today’s itinerary consists of three waterfalls, a beach and a canyon.If you’re planning on visiting a few waterfalls in a day like we did, it’s best to bring along a waterproof jacket and waterproof boots because chances are you’re gonna get pretty wet!

1) Seljalandfoss

Seljalandfoss waterfall is pretty unique because you’re allowed to walk behind the waterfall and get a different point of view. It’s also powerful, and as you’re walking up to it, you’ll start to feel the drizzle. Pair that with the wind and you’ll be glad you brought a waterproof jacket along. I remember it being exceptionally cold that morning, but there was a couple taking wedding pictures in front of the waterfall. I was all wrapped up, while the bride-to-be wore just a maxi dress – major props to her! The things we do to get the perfect shot 😉

Managed to snap a shot of the lovely couple, along with the waterfall in its majesty
Looking out from the inside

2) GljĂșfrabĂși Waterfall

As you exit Seljalandfoss, there’s a trail on the right that leads to  a hidden waterfall, GljĂșfrabĂși Waterfall. You won’t notice it driving by the roads on the outside, so it’s much quieter with less tourists. There’s still a handful though, and I suspect the secret’s slowly getting out, so visit before it gets too crowded!

There’s two options around the waterfall, climb up the hill and have a bird’s eye view, or go in through a little gorge.

This is where you’d start climbing to get to the top
A little secret passageway right into the heart of the waterfall

We only went inside the gorge since we were running a little behind time. Be warned though, you’re bound to get the spray on you if you go through the gorge. It’s so cosy inside though, like you’re in a little cave along with the falls, the sounds are amplified and you feel so close to nature. Definitely check it out!

From the bottom up, stairway to heaven anyone?


From GljĂșfrabĂși Waterfall, we headed to Skogafoss. We got distracted on the way and kept stopping the car and taking random shots – you’ll be doing lots of that in Iceland.


Everyone discourages you from doing it for obvious safety reasons, but if you can’t resist (like us), please just find a safe spot to park your car and walk over if necessary, do not stop in the middle of the road!

3) Skogafoss




This is one of my favourite waterfalls in Iceland, just because of the sheer enormity of it. You feel so small beneath it, in a good way, if that makes any sense! Nothing else matters. I’m getting corny, but it’s a real good feeling, trust me 🙂


Pensive shots look good hereThere’s also a wooden platform with 530 (or so) steps all the way to the top, where you’d get to peer down right – no pain, no gain!

4) Reynisfjara Beach (Black sand beach)

We’re done with waterfalls for the day and proceeded to Reynisfjara Beach AKA the Black Sand Beach. I’ve never seen black sand beaches before so this was going to be a treat!



Basalt columns, black sand, LOVED IT! We were lucky to be here during low tide. The waters here are known for their ferocity, so be careful out there!

We took a stroll further down the beach, and came to a spot where the sun cleared up. Obviously, we had to spend the 30 minutes taking pictures.


Before we knew it, it was past 6, and we had one more place to go!

5) Fjaorargljufur Canyon

We raced to the canyon, hoping we’d catch it before the sun set. There’s some gravel road driving as you reach the last leg so we couldn’t go as fast as we wanted. No matter – seems we got there just in time 🙂

dsc_0499-3DSC_0601-2.jpgTired but happy!

Pink sunset? YES PLEASE! A whole day spent running around is no joke, but this view was a perfect end to the day for sure.

We stayed at the Fosshotel Nupar this evening, and it’s an option to consider if you’re looking for a nice hotel; it has floor to ceiling windows, giving you better chances of seeing the Northern Lights from your room!

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